Finishing Warranties


DECO Australia finishes are of the highest quality, and with proper care, they will last a long time. Warranty certificates are available for our signature finishes to give you peace of mind about the durability and longevity of your chosen finish. The length of your warranty will depend on the finish you choose, the material it is applied to and the application it will be used in (including environmental/weather conditions), in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards. The warranty application is required at the time of purchase to ensure a warranty assessment of the job is completed and a certificate can be issued.


Our sublimated, powder coat finishes, including our DecoWood®, DecoArt® and DecoVogue® ranges are available with a 12-year warranty* with conditions as set out in the Australian Standard AS 3715. This warranty covers peeling, flaking, chipping, change of colour (outside of allowable limits) and gloss level.

It is important you clean your finished products regularly in accordance with AS 3715, using approved cleaning products, and record the cleaning undertaken. Cleaning requirements will depend on the location and characteristics of your product, such as the weather conditions it is exposed to.

For more information on maintaining the warranty on your sublimated DECO products - view our Product Care page for more info.
*NB: In extreme corrosivity environments a 6-year warranty is offered in accordance with AS 4213.

Powder Coating

DECO Australia is an accredited applicator of both Dulux and Interpon powder coatings. If you wish to apply for a warranty for your DecoCoat™ architectural finish, or the powder coat finish on your industrial aluminium or steel components, it is important to be aware which type of finish was used, as well as the conditions your components or extrusions will be exposed to.

As a Dulux Accredited Powder Coater, DECO Australia is authorised to issue Dulux Alumi Shield™ warranties. These warranties cover colour and durability.

DECO offers standard Duralloy and premium Duratec powders. The duration of the warranty depends on the type of powder used.

Alumi Shield™
Alumi Shield™ warranties are valid for powder coat finishes applied to architectural aluminium.

Duralloy: 10 years colour and durability
Duratec: 20 years colour, 25 years durability More information can be found on the Dulux website.

Interpon powders are warranted based on substrate, application and type of powder used. They are warranted for colour retention and film integrity.

DECO offers a range of Interpon standard and commercial powders. Cleaning and care must be undertaken in accordance with Interpon’s instructions.

Architectural Aluminium
Standard: Up to 10 years colour retention and 10 years film integrity Commercial/Premium: 15-20 years colour retention and 25-30 years film integrity


The DecoUltra™ anodised finishes for architectural aluminium are designed to withstand a variety of conditions, and are warranted in accordance with the Australian Standard for Architectural Anodising: AS 1231:2000.

The length of your warranty depends on the thickness of the anodised coating, which determines what conditions it can withstand and what applications it can be used in.

DecoUltra™ AD: 10 year warranty for residential and small commercial applications DecoUltra™ AD+: 15 year warranty for commercial applications DecoUltra™ ZD: 25 year warranty for monumental applications


Qualicoat is the international standard for quality assurance in powder coating. See how Deco stands up to the test!

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