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DecoWood has been developed to provide the natural look and feel of real timber whilst eliminating the ongoing maintenance and costs associated with both timber and composite products. The Super Durable™ Qualicoat Class 2.0 powder coating and advanced sublimation technology make DecoWood a hard-wearing finish that never requires painting or staining. Just a simple and basic cleaning program is all you need to achieve the optimum performance of your DecoWood. This product care guide outlines DECO’s recommended cleaning guidelines and schedule to maintain your DecoWoods' beautiful appearance and ensure its warranty. All methods of cleaning should be in accordance with the Australian Standard for powder coating AS 3715.

Australian Made for Australian Conditions

DecoWood is proudly Australian made and designed to withstand Australian conditions, including strong sunlight, moisture and salt spray. DecoWood has passed extreme exposure testing and meets Australian and International Standards for properties such as:
Marine grade (suitable for coastal areas)
UV stability (resistant to fading)
Corrosion resistance
Resistance to wearing, chipping, scratching and peeling

Adhering to the cleaning guidelines as outlined below and AS 3715 will ensure the long-lasting performance of your DecoWood, even in the harshest conditions.

Caring for your Decowood

DecoWood is a highly durable finish, designed to be long-lasting. However, just like other coated surfaces, such as the paint of your car, regular cleaning is still needed to preserve the finish and its original performance characteristics.

Deposits of grime left to accumulate on the powder coating can trap moisture against the surface, which may result in surface degradation.

The minimum cleaning schedule that should be followed varies depending on your location. These guidelines are outlined as part of AS 3715 requirements..

DecoWood Cleaning Guidelines

DecoWood is very easy to clean. Simply follow these steps to keep your beautiful, timber-look finish in pristine condition.

• Wash all surfaces using a hose or high-pressure attachment. It may help to test your hose on a small patch of the finish first, to help you determine the right pressure setting and distance from the washer head to the finish to achieve a thorough clean. (Please note: DECO does not recommend using a Cyclonic or Tornado washer head.)
• To remove stubborn deposits, use a mop/soft cloth and warm, soapy water or a non-abrasive detergent such as Morning Fresh. Avoid using hard bristle brushes which could cause micro-scratching.
• Rinse your DecoWood thoroughly with clean water after washing to ensure the cleaning agent and all dirt particles are completely removed before allowing it to dry. In some circumstances where excessive fine dust is allowed to accumulate on a horizontal surface (such as during the construction phase), the DecoWood may require rinsing multiple times to ensure that the dust is entirely removed and does not dry on the surface. In these circumstances, using a towel or microfibre cloth to dry your DecoWood and prevent water pooling or dust deposits drying on the DecoWood can ensure the surface is clean after the first wash.
When cleaning and caring for your DecoWood, it is important you follow a systematic cleaning program that meets the guidelines set out in the Australian Standard for architectural powder coating AS 3715, and record the cleaning undertaken as well as the location and characteristics of your product.

Approved Products for Cleaning

When cleaning your DecoWood, it is important you use products which are compatible with the powder coated surface. Three cleaning products are approved by DECO:

• Morning Fresh detergent: Morning Fresh has been tested and approved. Other dish washing detergents may be used, but these have not been tested.

• Orange Solve Citrus Cleaner: This is readily available from Bunnings or other industrial cleaning suppliers.

In all cases, after using one of the approved cleaning products, the surfaces MUST be thoroughly rinsed with clean, fresh water.


Qualicoat is the international standard for quality assurance in powder coating. See how Deco stands up to the test!

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