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Durability Testing Results

Super Durable DecoWood is 50% more durable than standard powder coating and any other woodgrain finish on aluminium available in Australia. Qualicoat is the international standard for quality assurance in powder coating. Both Qualicoat and Australian Standard 3715 set out 18 tests to comply with the standards and ensure the integrity of the powder coating. Two key tests relate to durability:

Natural Weathering Test

his test measures the amount of change to the colour and gloss of the powder coating when exposed to the harsh UV radiation in Florida. The Qualicoat standard sets out strict limits to the amount of change to colour and gloss in order to pass the test.

Acidic Salt Spray Test

This test determines how well the powder coating bonds to the base aluminium. A cross is cut into the powder coating, right down to the base metal. The test pieces are then placed into a cabinet where an aggressive mix of salt and acids are sprayed over them for a certain period. Qualicoat strictly limits how far the powder coating can separate from the aluminium where the cuts are made.

Qualicoat Testing

To comply with these standards, the powder coating must withstand these conditions for the specified periods:

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