Architectural Powder Coating

For a colour that lasts, choose DecoCoat architectural powder coating. Quality application and a lasting impression are at the core of DecoCoat. Whether it’s a bold colour or a neutral tone, DecoCoat powder coating provides you with the freedom to achieve your design goals with confidence.

DecoCoat offers Super Durable Class 2 powder coating suitable for architectural projects as well as a range of other high-quality powders. All powders can be applied to a wide range of aluminium or steel extrusions and shapes as well as DECO’s range of building products.

Our team can help you select your colour and powder type to ensure it is a suitable option for your residential or commercial project.


  • Highly Durable: DecoCoat’s Class 2 powders are 50% more durable than standard powder coating and offers very high colour retention.
  • Colour Selection: Wide range of colours and powder types from Australia’s leading powder suppliers.
  • Quality Application: DECO is an accredited Dulux and Interpon applicator and committed to producing high quality work.
  • Versatile: Use for a range of internal and external applications and suitable for residential and commercial projects.
  • Sustainable Solution: Powder coating contains NO VOCs and creates almost no waste. Green Star Rating, LEED and approved by other environmental certification bodies.
  • Australian Made: DECO is entirely Australian-owned and operated, and our product range is available nation-wide.

Powder Coating Applications

We can powder coat a wide range of aluminium architectural building products. Some popular applications include:

  • Aluminium windows and doors
  • Louvres
  • Cladding and panelling
  • Battens and beams
  • Decking
  • Furniture


Qualicoat is the international standard for quality assurance in powder coating. See how Deco stands up to the test!

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DECO is proud to be a Dulux and Interpon Accredited Powder Coater. This means we meet the stringent quality conditions and international standards in the application of Powder Coatings.