Aluminium Timber-look Decking

Decking designed for Australian conditions.

DecoDeck combines the natural beauty of timber decking with the strength and durability of aluminium. A first in aluminium decking systems, DecoDeck replicates the form, feel and appearance of natural timber decking with the Super Durable DecoWood wood grain finish.

  • Low maintenance decking: no sanding, painting or staining required
  • Non-combustible: use in bushfire prone areas rated up to Flame Zone BAL FZ
  • Marine grade: DecoWood Super Durable powder coating withstands coastal environments
  • Easy to install: beginner-friendly do-it-yourself installation or have any builder do it for you
  • Choice of 14 DecoWood timber finishes and a concrete-look finish
  • Tough & Strong: no twisting, warping, rotting or splintering - and termite proof
  • Australian made and available Australia wide
  • Stop wastage with the DecoDeck joiner.

DecoDeck received a Good Design Award by Good Design Australia in 2020.

DecoDeck Narrow

  • 94mm width and 25mm height
  • Dimensionally stable 6.5m lengths
  • 2mm wall thickness
  • P4/R11 slip rating

DecoDeck Wide

  • 134mm width and 25mm height
  • Dimensionally stable 6.5m lengths
  • 2mm wall thickness
  • P4/R11 slip rating

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Qualicoat is the international standard for quality assurance in powder coating. See how Deco stands up to the test!

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DecoDeck is available in two widths: 94mm and 134mm. DecoDeck is designed to have a fixed 6mm gap between the boards, making it easy to calculate the materials required.

DecoDeck decking boards and extruded accessories are manufactured in 6.5 metre lengths, however due to the process of applying the beautiful timber-look (or other) finish, the usable length is 6.47m.

Yes, just use an aluminium drop saw and a tape measure.

DecoDeck is stronger and has greater dimensional stability than timber, so centres can be installed up to 600 mm apart

No, however DecoDeck is supplied with all of the components required for installation onto your sub-structure. DeckDeck can be installed onto either steel or timber frames, although we recommend using steel for durability and longevity. DecoDeck can also be installed onto an existing sub-structure.

DecoDeck is easy to install yourself, or you can engage a builder to install it for you. If you would like to DIY, read through the Installation Guide, which includes handy tips and tricks.

DecoDeck is an ideal alternative to timber in bushfire-prone areas. The planks and all ancillary components are non-combustible. To comply with the Bushfire Standard AS 3959 in BAL 40 and BAL FZ regions, you will need to close the gap between planks using a cover strip, and use a steel or brick sub-structure. Cover strips are available in DecoWood finishes and plain colours.

DecoDeck can be installed directly on to concrete, pavers or tiles using framing as close as 30mm to the ground.

Each DecoDeck profile has a 2.5mm wall thickness with ribs for structural integrity. It would be extremely difficult to dent, and as it is aluminium, DecoDeck will not rot through with time.

The DecoWood finish is baked on to the surface of the aluminium, so it will not rub off, peel off or wear away under foot traffic.

Aluminium is a very good conductor of heat and always adjusts to the ambient temperature. Heat passes through DecoDeck evenly, keeping it at a comfortable temperature to walk on with bare feet.

DecoDeck is coated with a slip-resistant DecoWood finish containing rubber particles.

Yes, DecoDeck is coated with a slip-resistant DecoWood finish and has excellent chemical resistance, making it ideal for use around pools and spas.

Many people are surprised that DecoDeck sounds almost the same as timber when it is walked on, even in high heels.

Yes, the DecoDeck system is versatile and can be used in many applications such as ceilings and external façades.