Fences, Gates & Screens

Aluminium Timber-look Decking

Ease meets elegance.

Classic aluminium slat fences, gates and screens are coated with the luxurious DecoWood finish. DecoSlat is here to make your life a whole lot easier.

  • Effortless: no sanding, painting or staining
  • Easy to install: follow our do-it-yourself installation guide or have any builder do it for you
  • Non-combustible: suitable for bushfire-prone areas and tested to AS3837
  • Marine grade: not-corrosive in beachfront applications
  • Choose from 30 DecoWood timber grains including Western Red Cedar, Bush Cherry and Jarrah
  • System includes accessory components such as angles, channels, posts, corner stakes, colour-matched pop-rivets and end caps
  • Versatile: ideal for residential and commercial applications
  • Australian made: DECO is entirely Australian owned and operated
  • Low maintenance decking: no sanding, painting or staining required
  • Non-combustible: use in bushfire prone areas rated up to Flame Zone BAL FZ
  • Marine grade: DecoWood Super Durable powder coating withstands coastal environments
  • Easy to install: beginner-friendly do-it-yourself installation or have any builder do it for you
  • Choice of 14 DecoWood timber finishes and a concrete-look finish
  • Tough & Strong: no twisting, warping, rotting or splintering - and termite proof
  • Australian made and available Australia wide
  • Stop wastage with the DecoDeck joiner.

DecoDeck received a Good Design Award by Good Design Australia in 2020.


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Qualicoat is the international standard for quality assurance in powder coating. See how Deco stands up to the test!

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DecoSlat is available in the following sizes:
38 x 16 mm RHS
65 x 16 mm RHS
75 x 16 mm RHS
90 x 16 mm RHS

DecoSlat profiles and extruded accessories are manufactured in 6.5 metre lengths, however due to the process of applying the beautiful timber-look (or other) finish, the usable length is 6.47m.

Yes, just use an aluminium drop saw and a tape measure.

Slats can be installed with no spacing between slats or any spacing according to personal preference or privacy requirements set by local government.

Supports can be spaced up to 1.8 metres apart.

Yes, using a concealed channel cover. View the Installation Guide for more information.

Colour-matched end caps are available for all of the slat sizes listed.